French Food – Naturally


Continued from the previous post. The louisettes had to be free of sand before being placed in the bottle.  They would be not be washed but dumped directly into a pot.  They were then heated for a few minutes to open them up and no seasonings were added.  Of course they were fresh, salty after […]

Meditation Retreat in Chiang Mai


I went to my first overnight Buddhist retreat at Wat Suan Dok here in Chiang Mai.  The routine was a very lightweight introduction to Buddhism, meditation, and the life of a monk or nun.  The ideal  life of a monk or nun is to deepen the relationship that one has with his or her Spirituality. […]

Familiar with Unfamiliarity


I have now been in Thailand for over 6 months now, mostly in Chiang Mai.  I have noticed that the feeling of ungroundedness, the loss of bearings, the loss of identity, not having a sense of permanence, having no stuff, no car, no house, no phone, no job, no relationships, no familiar customs, no familiar […]